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API Updates

Updates to the API will be reflected here.

Vaccine Booster data now available#

Added on 2022-01-13

Vaccine booster shot (or additional dose) data is now available within the Covid Act Now API.

Fields added:

  • actuals.vaccinationsAdditionalDose: Number of individuals who are fully vaccinated and have received a booster (or additional) dose.
  • metrics.vaccinationsAdditionalDoseRatio: Ratio of population that are fully vaccinated and have received a booster (or additional) dose.

ICU Headroom and Typical Usage Rate removed#

Added on 2021-09-16

The following deprecated fields have been removed from the API: icuHeadroomRatio, icuHeadroomDetails, and typicalUsageRate. Consider using icuCapacityRatio instead.

CDC Community Transmission Levels#

Added on 2021-07-30

We now expose a CDC Community Transmission Level in the API.

The CDC community transmission levels are similar to the Covid Act Now risk levels, but have slightly different thresholds. See definitions of CDC community transmission levels for more details.

We calculate the level using the CDC's thresholds and expose it in the field cdcTransmissionLevel in all API responses.

The values correspond to the following levels:

API valueCDC community transmission level

Note that the value may differ from what the CDC website reports given we have different data sources. We have also introduced an "Unknown" level for when both case data and test positivity data are missing for at least 15 days. The CDC does not have an "Unknown" level and instead will designate a location as "Low" when case and test positivity data are missing.

Aggregated US data#

Added on 2021-03-31

You can now query US aggregated data.

Vaccine demographic data#

Added on 2021-03-25

We are now starting to include vaccine demographic data; currently we are collecting two fields: actuals.vaccinesAdministeredDemographics and actuals.vaccinationsInitiatedDemographics. While we currently only have county level data in TX and PA (as of 3/25) we are working on adding more regions to provide the most complete vaccine demographic data.

Note that demographic buckets may differ by jurisdiction as different states may collect and bucket demographic data in different ways. We surface the buckets as collected for now but this may change in the future.

Vaccines administered#

Added on 2021-03-23

Added actuals.vaccinesAdministered to the API. This represents the total number of doses administered for a region.

New deaths column#

Added on 2021-03-08

Added actuals.newDeaths and actualsTimeseries.*.newDeaths to the API. The processing is similar to actuals.newCases - newDeaths represent new deaths since previous report with erratic values removed by outlier detection.

Field level annotations#

Added on 2021-01-19

The Annotations field has a FieldAnnotations for each field in Actuals. You can now access the data source(s) used to produce a field and list of dates where an anomalous observation was removed. The exact structure of the AnomalyAnnotation may be modified in the future.

Vaccine data now available#

Added on 2021-01-14

Vaccine data is now available within the Covid Act Now API.

Currently the data is available for states only, but county-level vaccination data is coming soon.

Fields added:

  • vaccinesDistributed: Total number of vaccine doses distributed.
  • vaccinationsInitiated: Total number of people initiating vaccination. For a vaccine with a 2-dose regimen, this represents the first dose.
  • vaccinationsCompleted: Total number of people completing vaccination - currently those completing their second shot.
  • vaccinationsInitiatedRatio: Ratio of population that has initiated vaccination.
  • vaccinationsCompletedRatio: Ratio of population that has completed vaccination.

You can access these fields in both the actuals field and actualsTimeseries fields.

View entire timeseries of risk levels for all regions#

Added on 2020-12-22

You can now view the history of a region's overall risk level in all timeseries endpoints under the key riskLevelsTimeseries.

Overall risk level now based on 3 key metrics#

Added on 2020-12-22

The overall risk level is now based on caseDensity, testPositivityRatio, and infectionRate. Learn more about the changes we made.

We will be continuing to calculate all metrics and have no plans of removing contactTracingCapacityRatio, icuCapacityRatio, or icuHeadroomRatio at this time.

Link to Covid Act Now website#

Added on 2020-12-03

Each region now includes a field url that points to the Covid Act Now location page for that region.

Upcoming risk level update#

Added on 2020-12-01

We modified our risk levels to include a 5th level on for locations experiencing a severe outbreak. On Monday, December 7th we will be updating the risk levels in the API to reflect this.

If you have any code depending on 4 risk levels, you will need to update it to include the fifth risk level.

This change directly affects the fields riskLevels.overall and riskLevels.caseDensity.

LOW = 0
HIGH = 2

If you would like to include the new risk level right now to reflect what is currently on, you can do so by classifying both overall and caseDensity risk as extreme for any location where actuals.casesDensity > 75.

Query by CBSA#

Added on 2020-11-09

We added core-based statistical area endpoints to the API.

You can now view results aggregated by CBSA:

# Aggregate CBSA data{apiKey}{apiKey}{apiKey}{apiKey}
# Individual CBSAs{cbsa_code}.json?apiKey={apiKey}{cbsa_code}.timeseries.json?apiKey={apiKey}

Read the CBSA API Documentation to learn more.

Increase county test positivity coverage#

Added on 2020-11-04

We increased our test positivity coverage for counties by adding in data from U.S. Department of Health & Human Services as aggregated by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. See our data sources for more information.

Add new cases field with outlier detection#

Added on 2020-10-29

In addition to cumulative case counts, we added a New Cases field to all actuals and actualsTimeseries values. The New Cases field computes new cases and applies outlier detection to remove erratic case values.

Add locationId field#

Added on 2020-10-27

Adds a generic location ID used to represent regions. Will allow for greater flexibility as we add more aggregation levels (such as country).

Add riskLevels#

Added on 2020-10-15

Added risk levels as seen on to the API.