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Covid Act Now API

The Covid Act Now API provides access to all of our COVID data tracking US states, counties, and metros.

It includes data and metrics for cases, vaccinations, tests, hospitalizations, and deaths. See data definitions for all included data.

The API provides the same data that powers Covid Act Now but in easily digestible CSV or JSON files, intended for consumption by other COVID websites, models, and tools.


There are just 2 questions to answer, and then you can immediately get started.

Email address

How do you intend to use our Covid data?

It's optional, but we’d find it helpful to know:
  • The data/metrics you’re interested in (e.g. vaccine data, risk levels, cases, deaths, etc.)
  • How you will be using this data (e.g. internal dashboard for reopening offices in the northwest, school project analyzing nationwide county data, an app to track covid risk for friends and family, etc.)

Data usage is subject to the terms of our license.

If you've previously registered for an API key, you can enter your email above to retrieve it.

Data endpoints#

In the examples below, replace YOUR_KEY_HERE with the API key from Step 1 above.

The Covid Act Now API has coverage for states, counties, and metro areas (CBSAs). You can query the data in CSV or JSON formats.

Learn how to query:

Details on the contents of each endpoint are available in the API Reference

Current data for all states, counties, or metros#

These endpoints contain the latest available data (a single, scalar value per field) for all states, counties, and CBSAs (metros).

Each file contains all locations in the region type. For example, contains all US counties.

CSV format#

Read the API Reference for /v2/states.csv, /v2/counties.csv, /v2/cbsas.csv.

JSON format#

Historic data for all states, counties, or metros#

These files contain the entire history (a timeseries for every field) for all states, counties, and cbsas (metros).

CSV format#

Read the API reference for /v2/states.timeseries.csv, /v2/counties.timeseries.csv, /v2/cbsas.timeseries.csv

JSON format#

As /v2/counties.timeseries.json contains historic data for every county, it is very large. If you are looking for counties in a single state, consider downloading counties for a single state.

Data for individual locations#

It's easy to query a single state, county, or metro area.

Current data#{state}.json?apiKey=YOUR_KEY_HERE{fips}.json?apiKey=YOUR_KEY_HERE{cbsa_code}.json?apiKey=YOUR_KEY_HERE

Historic data#{state}.timeseries.json?apiKey=YOUR_KEY_HERE{state}.timeseries.csv?apiKey=YOUR_KEY_HERE{fips}.timeseries.json?apiKey=YOUR_KEY_HERE{cbsa_code}.timeseries.json?apiKey=YOUR_KEY_HERE

Data for all counties in a state#

You can also query all counties for a single state.{state}.json?apiKey=YOUR_KEY_HERE{state}.csv?apiKey=YOUR_KEY_HERE{state}.timeseries.json?apiKey=YOUR_KEY_HERE{state}.timeseries.csv?apiKey=YOUR_KEY_HERE

Aggregated US data#

We also calculate country-wide data for the entire US.


Data is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International.

We are a volunteer-driven 501(c)3 non-profit whose mission is to provide reliable and trustworthy COVID data, with a focus on U.S. counties. Since we started on March 20th, we’ve made our model and data open-source and freely available to the public.

This data requires a non-trivial amount of work to organize, sanitize, maintain, and develop, especially given the fast-changing nature of COVID and health data in the U.S. In order to ensure that we can continue to deliver best-in-class open-source COVID data, our tiny, volunteer-driven team appreciates donations here.

We also ask that, as legally required by our license, all commercial entities wishing to access our API contact to acquire a commercial license. We define commercial users as any individual or entity engaged in commercial activities, such as selling goods or services.

Our non-commercial users can freely download, use, share, modify, or build upon our source code.